Our Company

Williamson Oil & Gas, Inc., incorporated in 1982, operates as well as participates in oil and gas production primarily in Louisiana and Texas. Our objective is to generate and/or purchase geologically sound, well-substantiated development prospects with the proper balance of risk/reward. The company also seeks to purchase established production or workover opportunities which offer value commensurate with the workover risk. We also welcome the opportunity to purchase producing minerals, royalties or overriding royalties.

Located in Shreveport, LA, the company is privately held with Robert L. Williamson serving as its President since being incorporated. Mr. Williamson holds both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Geology and has been actively engaged in the industry since receiving his MS degree in 1973. A special niche Williamson Oil & Gas, Inc. provides is the opportunity for generating geologists to present their prospects to an operator who is also a geologist. The company welcomes the showing of conventional development prospects and will agree to an appropriate confidentiality agreement for open acreage prospects.


Williamson Oil & Gas, Inc.
PO Box 1772
Shreveport, LA 71166

Ph: (318) 221-2923